Nautic Assist has several times been involved in projects for evaluation of VMS products and transponders. In these evaluations both satellite networks and transponders was evaluated. There are some networks that works fine for local areas for example Thuraya but the only network with full coverage are Iridium.


Iridium is a network with 66 active satellites. They are also developing a new network called Iridium Next with new satellites for more powerful broadband. This new network is expected to start launching in 2015. This network will provide L-band data speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and High-speed Ka-Band service of up to 8 Mbps
Nautic Assist has decided to go for modern and less costly solutions based on Iridium network. On these pages we can present our selection of transponders for VMS and logbooks.


New elogbook client

Another product in development is the ELOG electronic Logbook client. It is a new hightech client for all sizes of fishing vessels. It is fully compatible with ERS version 3.1 and it is practically impossible to send incorrect messages. There will be a direct link to a server that automatically will let the fisherman know if his data is received and accepted or not.
This client will be released in beginning of 2012.