There are many difficulties whith purchasing and implementation of VMS (Vessel Monitoring System). Nautic Assist can help you with avoiding the pitfalls. Call us and we can tell you more.


Vessels larger than 15 meters and from 2012 also larger than 12 meters shall be equipped with satellite based electronic surveillance system in all EU countries. There are several transponders and several ready made systems for central management of position data to buy on the market. Many investigations have been made both comparing different satellite systems with each other but also regarding security between different transponders.


An important point when choosing transponders is the balance between security and functionality. If the security is too high, maybe functionality like electronic logbook will not be allowed. Too low security will on other hand result in opening for tampering with the system.

Another important part is that the information collected can be used and shared between the authorities concerned. The coast guard might for example need to identify vessels at sea, and will be helped with information of that this is a fishing vessel when they spot an unidentified vessel. This might also assist the security and control management at sea.

In most of the systems there is a possibility to register alarms for certain events. Often missing are the routines that describes what actions that has to be taken after these alarms has been effected.