Nautic Assist can assist you to structure a system for registration of possible infringements, of the common fishery policy in EU, so that these can be treated and be decided upon.


In the fishery control regulation 2847/1993 article 31 says that appropriate measures shall be taken where the common fisheries policy have not been respected.


If the supposed infringements are documented in a system, it is easy to manage the infringement and to decide whether it should lead to prosecution, result in a reprimand or be dismissed.

System for this are lacking in several EU countries. Information from supposed infringements can be put together from several sources. In a system records can be created from searches in the database or based on information registered at different inspections. Every such occurrence  will result in a supposed infringement who then will be judged.

An important task for this system is not only to register the infringements that resulted in prosecution but also to have those registered that where only minor breach and resulted in a warning as well as those who where dismissed.

In Turkey they have a tradition for fines and confiscation of gears when infringement has occurred and rules are violated. We have, based on experience from Great Britain, built a system in Turkey where surveillance and inspections are integrated with information about infringements in order to get an overview of the area.

We have built a system for infringements in Sweden that manage to find infringements and to manage all legal aspects of it. A system like this for registration of infringements and follow up on activities could very well be used in other EU countries.