Nautic Assist has structured a system for registering inspections in order to fulfil the EU control regulation 2847/1993. Do you need help with a similar system, please contact us.


The control regulation of EU 2847/1993 describes how  inspections of fishing vessel shall be done both at sea and at the time of landing. There are also controls both of transport vehicles and at the point of sales.


Inspections that can be registered can be:

  1. Inspection at sea
  2. Inspection at time of landing
  3. Inspection of transports
  4. Inspection of sales

An important task for the inspection is to document the difference between the reality and presented documents, in order to get a base for possible follow up. Even if the inspection is described in a protocol it's not always registered in a database. This should be an important step for strengthening the quality of the inspections and also to secure that inspections are done.

Based on experience from Great Britain, who according to me has the best system for reporting control measures and inspections in Europe for fishery, and also based on routines from the Swedish coast guard, the British navy and Turkish coast guard, we have constructed a system in Turkey for management and registration of inspection reports.

This system for registration of activities and follow up procedures very well fills EU's requirement and could very well be adapted for use in Sweden and other EU countries lacking such a system.