Nautic Assist has recently analysed several countries system for surveillance of fishing vessels. The overall is to give several parties access to needed information, so that the data can be used actively. We can help you to accomplish this.


The control regulation of EU 2847/1993 describes how  surveillance of fishing vessels shall be done.

This can be done in several ways, but it can be described as position reports outside of the VMS. The observations can be from the air (air search, helicopter search), from sea (by coast guard or other units) or from land (observations from ports).


To register and compile these observations and to distribute it to the different authorities is an important task. Here we are talking about active and planned surveillance of for example certain areas. Observations of an area can also lead to the planning of and effectuation of an inspection at sea.

The system should be constructed so that this can be done. Rather an active system than a passive where irregularities only later are found.