Effort Reports etc.

Nautic Assist has produced systems where over 300 different reports for fishery both for internal and external use can be produced. We have a large experience from reporting from fishery statistics and we are glad to put that experience into your disposal.


Within EU there are several situations where effort( fishing effort during a certain period) have to be reported. For example in EU regulation 1804/2005. This can be the number of fishing days for certain areas or reports for certain species. There is also a trend against regulating effort instead of landed quantity.

As an example on demands for extensive reports for fishery based on current information we can mention:

In Skagerrak, Kattegat  and North sea there is a recovery plan for cod. This plan says that dependent on type of gear there is restrictions on number of days at sea in the area per month.

In the recovery plan there is also demands on data collection according to regulation 1543/2000 and 1639/2001.

Within EU there are several reports defined that regularly has to be sent to EU. A format for presenting these reports has been produced, FIDES (Fishery Information Data Exchange System), A sort of XML-format. Several reports such as quota reports, vessel register etc are to be reported in this format.


The difficulties are in interpreting the different EU regulations, because there is no 'correct' interpretation. The different EU countries are interpreting the regulations differently based on available data and available capacity.

Another issue is different EU regulations different management of the same data. It's not unusual with different gear definitions, different formats and different calculating methods.

 What is for example a fishing day? Is it the time between leaving and arriving to port or when you have had gears in the water?

Of course it would be good to coordinate the reporting from different countries but there are many ways to skin a cat.