Nautic Assist AB has produced several routines for crosschecking both regarding graphical comparisons of positions and comparative analysis of catch data. Would you like us to assist you with similar systems please let us know. We will gladly assist you.


The regulation 1224/2009 of EU says that different data showing catches shall be compared with each other in order to guarantee its reliability. But you can notice that the whole system for fishery control within EU are built to collect information from as many sources as possible. The only reason for this then has to be to allow the authorities to compare the information from these different sources to each other.


Some of the areas that can be controlled are:

  • Species (Logbook, Landing declaration, Sales note, Sampling, Entry- Exit reports, Inspection at sea, Inspection in port)
  • Quantity (Logbook, Landing declaration, Sales note, Entry- Exit reports, Inspection at sea, Inspection in port)
  • Quality, size, presentation (Landing declaration, Sales note, Sampling, Inspection at sea, Inspection in port)
  • Fishing areas (Logbook, Landing declaration, VMS, Entry- Exit reports, Surveillance, Inspection at sea)
  • Gears (Logbook, Vessel register, Inspection at sea, Inspection in port)

You can easily include these cross checks within the different systems. If not these routines should be defined so that thay are carried out "manually".  

Often there are both data and the possibilities to carry out several of these cross checks, but it is not done, probably because they will result in more divergence than the organisation can manage.