Nautic Assist was one of the first who developed systems for electronic sales notes. Please contact us if you want to facilitate the registration of sales notes from first buyers.

Within EU all sales of fish to first buyers must be reported to competent authorities within 48 hours, with so called sales notes.

In Sweden this information is reported either through a document sent to Swedish Fishery board or through electronic reporting.

The electronic report undergoes certain control routines to insure the quality of the information. In many countries there are several ways to transport the sales information from the first buyers to the authorities electronically.


During implementation of  manual or automatic systems for sales notes practical difficulties can sometimes occur. The reason for this can be the rather large part of 'black' handling and sales of fish which will be discovered through the registration of these sales notes.

For the authorities it is quite simple to compare the data from landing/logbook with the data from sales through a crosschecking function between the different information sources.

That different countries interprets and treats EU's regulations differently doesn't help the management for the systems. Germany has for example abolished the middle part the landing declaration. This has been compensated with the information from the sales. They have managed this because the sales are very closely linked to the landings.

It is important that the total information received from the sales notes are used for quota management, but it is equally important that the quota management also is based on the information not received on sales notes.