Nautic Assist has a long experience of managing the information connected to the logbooks of the fishing vessels. Please contact us if you want some help in developing systems for logbooks or for to be able to receive electronic logbooks.

Vessels larger than 10 meters have to fill in a logbook within EU. The logbook they shall use is the European Union logbook described in the regulation 2807/83. On the logbook template, which by the way has not been altered since the regulation was decided in 1983, the fishermen shall register a large number of items. Not all of them defined in the template. These items are among other things catch of fish and departure from and arrival to ports. Sometimes even entry and exit into areas, placement of gears, transport between areas at sea, transhipments and common fishery operations.

In order to manage all this information nowdays vessels larger than 15 meters shall report this information electronically, that is to send it directly from the vessel to the database of the member country. In 2012 even vessels from 12 meters will be affected by this.

Several countries have selected different solutions. Not all countries have a functional system now in beginning of 2012. One of the countries with a functional system is Sweden. Nautic Assist has participated in the effort of implementing that system.


Most of these items are probably already today registered in different tables. For a registration of electronically received data we also must have the same quality level as we have for the manually registered information. Import routines and error handling activities must be developed for these new sources.

It is important to be able to integrate new ways of receiving information, for example electronic logbook, with existing information in the systems. For a number of years these different ways of delivering logbook information has to work side by side with each other. But even when the current paper logbook later maybe will be abandoned we must make historical comparisons with existing data.