Nautic Assist has produced several systems for managing licenses for fishery. Please contact us so we can tell you how we are able to help you with similar issues. 

Licensing for fishery are mostly a national issue within EU, but it can also be used for licensing special international fisheries. EU have regulated the information that has to be included on the vessel license but apart from that the content on the license is dependent upon national legislation.

Even personal fishing licenses are regulated nationally. Apart from this there can be several special licenses for certain occasions.


Licensing demands a strong connection to the vessel register. Within EU fishery there is a tendency for regulating 'Effort'' (fishing effort per period) instead of regulating only by quotas. Therefore more and more demands for regulating the reporting from each individual vessel. New system that will be constructed must be flexible in order to be able to change so they can manage this enhanced level of details. 

More and more areas will be regulated with licenses and permits. To be able to register these different licenses in a general system for all licenses will be very profitable. Then one can collect special permits and other licenses in the same system.