Vessel Register

To construct vessel registers have become one of Nautic Assist's largest specialties. We have participated in several projects for construction of vessel registers in several countries both within and outside of EU.


Each EU country has its own fishing vessel register. The contents of these registers is reported to EU, who collects all vessel registers from all EU countries and puts them together in a register over the fishing fleet of EU.
Through the years quite a number of changes have been made to the regulations that regulates the vessel registers of EU. The latest regulation 26/2004 has been valid since 1 September 2004 and regulates the information that has to be sent to EU quarterly. Even here new changes are going to take place.


Now when the national database is sent to EU four times per year, the result is an acceptable correspondence between the registers in the member states and the central EU register. Of course the member states should send directly when a new vessel is registered in the state, but that is not always the case. This ought to be improved.

There are still some strange demands in the system. The time when a vessel becomes inactive, tonnage on open vessels, contradictive demands in the regulation regarding gears etc.
On several areas the regulation has been simplified thus making it easier to construct a system for reporting and registration.
 During the years we have constructed vessel registers in 10 countries in Europe and Asia.