VMS - Vessel Monitoring System

In EU countries all fishing vessel larger than 12 meters should be equipped with transponders so that the movement of these vessels could be monitored. Until now the transmission from these transponders relied only on satellite communication that is rather expensive. With Bluetraker for VMS you can use a combination of satellite communication through Iridium and Mobile network communication through GPRS.


Tamper proof solutions

A huge effort has been made so that no tampering with the device can be done. The antenna, the GPS device and the transmitter are all built in one box. The box is sealed with a seal that can not be open without notice. The bolts are also special made and needs special keys for opening. If the power to the transponder is cut off the transponder sends a power loss information and continues to work for 72 hours based on battery power. 

 The picture shows the seal. 

No rooming costs

Through special partner agreement the method used for using the mobile network differs a bit from ordinary telephone usage. This means that there are several operators worldwide connected in this network. So there will be no addittional cost if a vessel goes to another country than his home country. Please contact us if you want to know the providers connected in some specific country.

Iridium - Inmarsat

Bluetraker works through Iridium Satellite network. This network has 100% global coverage compared to Inmarsat with coverage only up to 70 latitude. The cost for Iridium transmission is lower than for Inmarsat C and the speed is faster.  

Electronic Logbook

Bluetraker is ready for Electronic Logbook transmissions. Through the connection box a PC or a registration device can be connected to Bluetraker. The transmission can be sent directly or when GSM/GPRS network is available. 

Sleep mode

Bluetraker can put itself into sleep mode. At the port if the vessel is not moving for a specific time the transponder can stop the sending. Immidiately when the vessel starts to move the transponder will continue its traffic. Even here money can be saved.