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All EU vessels larger than 15 meters are obliged to have an electronic logbook on board and to send their logbook information electronically. Today only some of the countries in EU have managed this. We can help you finalize your project.

By sending your information with a modern transponder through Iridium and mobile network communications your costs for airtime will be reduced.


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If you are searching for information regarding Electronic logbooks, VMS or transponders please contact us.

2012 Year of changes

Since our speciality is Fisheries we have expanded our crew with a staff of technical resources. Highly oriented towards new techniques (not so new by now) like Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE) and SOA that promotes Business Innovation & enables Bsiness Service Reuse. We have also a team of people who have several years of producing web-servies and implementing your requirements. More info here..
By utilising modern communications and Internet we can offer you IT-development for an affordable cost. You will have two contacts in the project, one functional project leader and one tecnical manager. Those two will help you manage your project both regarding functionality and costs.
Our competent team is Oracle Gold Partner.




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