This Transponder is a unit that for a low cost monitors the movement of a vessel or a mobile unit and sends information about that unit to a central place. This information can also be received by other stakeholders. This is decided by every application.



Until now most transponders for the marine environment had to rely only upon satellite communication. Bluetraker is one of the first transponder that use both satellite communication Iridium (when only that is available) and communication throught the mobile system network when that is available. This means that the cost will be heavily reduced compared to the systems using only satellite. All details have been carefully designed. All tamper proof details, all details regarding the marine environment, so that the reliability for the equipment should be very high. From the double housing for heat regulation to tamper proof screws and the all in one solution.

Blutraker comes in different alternatives for different solutions. The main use for the transponder are:

From the users point there are a number of variables that makes this transponder so likeable.

Software upgrades over the air

One is the software update. There is no downtime or use for support to upgrade the software in the transponder. That can be done automatically in seconds through the air when the vessel is in port or close to the coast. This means that a whole fleet can be upgraded simultaneosly. 

Fill in the blanks

Because the cost for sending transmissions over satellite is higher than when using the mobile telephone net the transponder can be set to send for example every second hour when out at sea. The transponder are saving the positions between the sendings and can delivere all these positions when it comes to telephone net distance which is approx 6 miles from the coast.

WEB access to data

My Bluetraker is an application for accessing your fleet or group of vessels. The application shows your vessels on a map and the route of the vessels can also be traced. Another way to see your vessels is to receive the information in a system of your choice. The data will be delivered through internet or a TDS (Telematic Data Server) can be set up.   




The installation will be performed by one of our service organisations. Due to the fact that there is no software that has to be installed, the antenna and the communication unit are in one box the installation is very simple. There are different mounting devices available that will fit all situations.

As an option there is a connection box smaller than a pocket book if the unit will be connected to a NMEA 2000 network the standardised network on board a vessel.

Bluetraker Connection box













NMEA 2000 Network

NMEA 2000 

This picture shows an example of how Bluetraker can be connected to the NMEA network. Other censors on that network can be used as suppliers of information to the Bluetraker transponder. This can for example be a PC for electronic logbook.